Print Media.

As much of a fan I am of the new technology wave (since it is true that a ton of people have access to either a computer or the internet in someway) and being able to save paper and help the environment, nothing will ever be able to beat the experience of holding an actual book or magazine and getting lost within the text. I have tried my best to read PDF downloads of books on my computer but it seems as if I can never get into it mainly due to the crazy amounts of distractions I found myself dealing with (Facebook, solitaire, singing along to whatever song I decide to play on my itunes etc.) For whatever reason it doesn’t feel the same when I’m reading off the actual pages and being able to hold the text in my hands. The same goes with magazines, I love reading and looking at fashion magazines such as Vogue and nothing makes me happier than flipping through the glossy pages, marking up what I find cute and letting it join my collection of magazines in my closet.  I have actually asked a couple of my friends if they preferred having an electronic version of something more than they do an actual copy of it and most of them agreed that they enjoyed having the physical copy mainly due to the fact that they are able to write on the pages, highlight what they find important and inspirational etc., Sure media is changing but the thing is that trends tend to repeat themselves more than Taylor Swift changes boyfriends, and somehow the ‘fad’ of hard copies will soon find their way back. There will be a handful of people who will demand to keep copies of books and magazines and the manufacturer does want to keep their costumers happy so they will try their best to do so. I must say I am guilty of asking my friends to borrow a book or two but the thing is if I fall in love with the book I tend go out and buy it and be able to make it mine.

Things always change but we’re currently in the age of electronics being the new thing if hard copies of anything where to vanish it probably would have happened months ago, there is a reason why hard copies have stayed and possibly always will stay and that is because people enjoy it and demand it. Just because things are able to become electronic, it doesn’t mean we can’t have the best of both worlds.


The real question is… Is print media truly doomed due to this electronic boom? Of course out of the blue we have become more and more evolved but does this evolution mean that in a matter of years the only sort of recourse we will have are online resources? Is the simple joy of flipping a single page going to become such a foreign subject to us that we will look back on the ‘good ol’ days’ and say “Back in my day, we’d flip the page instead of slide our finger to the side on some electronic board!


Things are changing but does this mean that they are changing for the better or just making human life a bit simpler and in ways lazier.


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