Girls with their Heart Out: The 1975 concert.


My friend and I had both been raving about the 1975 concert for the past week. Excitement taking over every inch of bodies as we waited for October 31st to finally arrive. We filled the gap in our hearts by having the album on repeat and religiously checking the tag on Tumblr just to see what crazy antics the fans were pulling.


Arriving at the venue at around five PM, both glad that we were closer to the door than we originally thought we were going to be. The time seemed to have gone rather slowly as we waited for doors to open and security to pass out the under and over 21 wristbands.

Upon entering the venue, I grabbed onto my friend’s bag strap not wanting to lose her or get lost myself as we rushed to find a good spot with a great view. Immediately making a plan for one of us to stay in our spot while the other goes to buy some merchandise. The line for the merchandise took about twenty to thirty minuets which wasn’t much of a surprise since there was only one person working behind the table, exchanging and showing off the pieces of cotton for money.

Everyone had seemed to be enjoying themselves the first thirty minuets after it hit eight but soon the audience began to quiet down. No one was really dancing to the house music (I’m pretty sure they started repeating some of the songs) playing on the speakers instead they were more preoccupied with what latest snap chat they received and even sending e-mails.

I must admit, the wait did seem pretty ridiculous especially since the audience had to wait a good hour or two for the opener (which once again, half way through their set list the audience got bored) ONLY to have to wait another hour for 1975 to actually come out and play.

From taking a small glance over at the people in front of me, everyone simply wanted the show to start, the teasing had lasted far too long to become enjoyable by this point. The row I was in was more amused by the fact that this group of girls desperately wanted to become friends with a group of teenagers next to them who were dancing around. “It’s like we’re not even here for the show anymore since we just keep watching the girls trying to copy the dance moves of the other group.” I heard my friend say as I lazily nodded in response. My eyes fixed on the stage, praying that the band members step in front of us already.

I completely understand keeping an audience waiting in anticipation but it got to the point that if I hadn’t spent fifteen bucks on the ticket I would have gone home by then and from the given vibe in the building, everyone else would have done the same as well.

After about a couple of minuets, the lights began to flicker on and off and out came Matty, Adam, George, and Ross. Cameras began to raise above heads as the fans tried their best to capture as many pictures and videos as they could. The negative aura quickly washing away and being replaced by cheerful screams that bounced off of the walls. Leaving no room for discussion, Matty’s angelic voice began to sing the opening lyrics to The City.

Matty was extremely energetic, going over to the audience, snatching phones to record himself and take selfies along and serenade members of the audience. From the hypnotizing flashing lights to the energy of not only the audience but the band as well; the wait was finally felt worth it. Bras were thrown onto the stage along with several gifts for Matty. I myself tried to catch Ross’ attention only to fail because he would not look up.

After the show, my friend and I had stayed to meet them and all the boys were extremely sweet. Both Adam and Ross had caused me to start blushing like crazy – to the point where I could not even look at them anymore -. All of them seemed rather relaxed except for Matty who on the other hand seemed overwhelmed and gave off this “I just want to get on the tour bus” vibe but it was possible that the reason behind it was simply because girls would be grabbing him and pushing him away from  who he was originally going to pay attention to.

Overall, although the wait was horrible, the show was absolutely fantastic. These sweethearts are going places and I can not wait until I get to see them grow to bigger and better things.Image


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