Thor: The Dark World. SPOILER FREE


Three of my friends and I had decided to go to the 10PM showing of Thor: The Dark World on November 7. Excitement replacing the blood in our veins as we all agreed that we could not bring ourselves to focus on other things. Convinced there was going to be a fairly long line to enter the theater, we all gathered inside the car at around 7:30 and drove to the theatre. Little Mix playing in the background – although none of us were paying attention to the music; only using it as background noise – while we all squealed about how excited we were for the film. Upon arriving at around eight. We found a parking spot near the back and were shocked to see that there was absolutely no line. A mutual “that’s weird” escaped our lips before shrugging it off and going to a local restaurant to order nachos and a delicious warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and coated with hot chocolate fudge.

After about an hour and a dance party in the ladies’ bathroom we had left the restaurant and made our way towards the theatre. Still to much of our surprise, there was no line. “Maybe we’ll be the only ones there.” My friend stated. Giving the ticket taker our tickets, we had made our way towards auditorium one and found perfect seats in the middle of the isle. As the time grew closer, we noticed that the majority of the audience were about twenty to thirty years old.. all having a ‘guys night’.

After about an hour of commercials and trailers the giant red MARVEL logo had appeared on the screen. The audience grew quiet as we were drawn into a fictional world outside of our own. The plot had pulled you in to the point where you did not even want to leave this world. The camera angles gave off a vibe that you were there when the scene played out. We were pulled into every fighting scene, emotion, and betrayal. From the climax to the end of the film, the audience were on their toes. Wondering what not only Loki was up to but what Thor would do to save earth once again.

The acting itself was marvelous, not only by word but through simple expression and body movement. The way Loki’s hands gripped into fists after being told some devastating news to the look of jealousy on Sif’s face when she first saw Jane.

This film is one of the films that you walk out talking about. Even shaking your head from side to side to be able to wake yourself up from the realistic dream. What makes it better is the twists and turns that accompany the movie. There is rarely a dull moment.

After exiting the movie theatre and walking towards the car, my friends and I had all agreed the only downfall was the lack of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth.


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