They Just Don’t Know You – Little Mix

I had been paying close attention to this song from the Salute album for the past ten hours. I have this strange feeling that this song is actually about Zayn. After the multiple cheating rumors, it is possible that Perrie’s parents and maybe even some of her friends had told her to break up with her now fiancé.

Talk is cheap and rumors spread but they go with the wind
It’s not about she said he’s sick ’cause I know where it ends
I know the real truth
And the real truth is you

It’s funny ’cause at times it feels like us against the world
They treat you like a criminal but I’ll still be your girl
I’d rather die with you
Walk the line if you left me too

It is possible that I am looking too far into this but these two ballads may come from not only the cheating rumors but the “Zerrie is fake” rumors as well.

Either way the song and album itself is amazing. Be on the look out for an album review!


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