To This Day.

On the way to school today, the last thing I expected was to have an emotional reaction to a video that was going to be presented in class.

The only three things on my mind before arriving to my writing class were: Will I find parking, will the three French boys in my Voice and Diction class notice me today, and what should I get to eat once classes were over. Never did it occur to me that I would be holding back my tears during a student presentation on the subject of “pathos”.

The video “To This Day” was given as an example on why using pathos is considered effective. “To This Day” is an animated video that tackles the topic of bullying. As the narrator’s voice grows louder and louder with each statement that was escaping his lips, one begins to sink deeper into their seats. The reality that the words that were said to you as a child are still hidden somewhere in the back of your mind.


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