Blast to the Past

I had the opportunity to attend my second annual Dapper Day at Disneyland today and amongst all the glitz, glamour, and excitement over finding an outfit , my friends and I found ourselves secluded within a Denny’s across the street from the theme park.

Although I do have a fascination with everything 20’s and “retro” and do enjoy seeing how much effort a person puts in their costume for a night out, the day simply didn’t seem as exciting as it had the first year I attended. It seemed as if the excitement surrounded itself dressing up rather than actually attending the event.

Not only was it because the park felt overcrowded (hell both the lines to enter Disneyland and Disney California Adventure met half way) but because the day didn’t seem all that special. I also began to wonder why everyone who was attending the event (including myself) was so caught up with dressing “dapper”. Is it because we enjoy the classy vintage look, the admiration of the “golden years”, or is it because we simply want to escape this 21st century lifestyle?

How can one become nostalgic to a culture they were unable to live through?

Are we so desperate to escape our own reality and find any means to find some sort of alter reality such as attending Dapper Day at Disneyland? Or are we just participating to simply enjoy ourselves?

The questions floated through my mind as the crowd around me began to grow and I paced quickly towards the exit with my friends in front of me. It’s possible that the answer to the final two questions can intertwine within one another or I’m simply overthinking the excitement I have over the idea of Dapper Day giving me the opportunity to dress in a way that wouldn’t be deemed acceptable outside of the Disneyland gates but there is a part of me that believes there’s a deeper meaning behind why I (and possibly others) get so excited over this event.


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