‘Camp Takota’: Review

source: camptakota

source: camptakota

After it’s release on February 14 of this year, YouTubers; Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Grace Heilbeg star in the film Camp Takota. The film revolves itself around the main character Elise (Grace Helbig) whom  – after a terrible turn of events – decides to escape ‘reality’ and become a camp counselor at Camp Takota (where she attended when she was younger). While at camp, Elise reunites with two of her old friends Allison (Hannah Hart) who is the camp’s cook and Maxine (Mamrie Hart) who is the camp director. The trio find themselves reliving old memories and making new ones as well as becoming conflicted with the ideas of: love, friendship, reality, and the camp itself.

I must admit, before viewing the film I was skeptical about it. I was unsure if the film was going to capture my attention (I thought I was going to end up stopping the film 20 minuets in) and I was afraid that the acting along with the script was going to be about a D average. Surprisingly, that was not the case.

The goofy scenes had immediately captured my attention as I began to lose track of both time and how long the film had been running for. I was captivated by the fact that these three YouTubers were not the same people a (YouTube) subscriber watches every week. They managed to get into character perfectly (although the characters being portrayed did hint at some of their personalities [ie; the terrible yet amazing puns and drinking]) almost to the point where a viewer forgot that these actresses were even on YouTube and truthfully no longer cared. I found myself not watching the film because I knew who the actresses were and because I wanted to support them but because I felt like I knew the characters and the storyline on a personal level.

Although a bit predictable, the film showcases the real world in a way that is almost haunting. A viewer is able to understand the actions that being made by Elise, Allison, and Maxine either because they have experienced the similar events or because the film portrays the situation in such a way that makes you feel like you’re right there with them. We realize that even when we are at our worst, it never truly is the end as long as you have people around you who are willing to listen and be there for you. No matter how hard it gets, there is always that one place you know you can return to and everything will suddenly be okay no matter what decisions have to be made in the near future.

As the film progresses, the audience becomes connected to each character, finding a bit of themselves and their own friends within the trio. We begin to relate to the idea of changing oneself to make the ‘other happy’, to being afraid that someone out there is better at us at something we are good at, and to not wanting to give up on something (or someone) who has been there for us since the beginning.

This comedic and romantic coming of age story is defiantly a film worth watching even if you have your doubts.

Rate: 7/10

Learn more about Camp Takota and the YouTubers involved by clicking the links below:


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