Keep an eye out for Shout London!

The Florida based Pop Rock band, Shout London, which was originally considered to be a solo project in early 2013 by singer and guitarist Tyler Whiting later branched out and added Chris Metz (guitarist), Cameron Parker (drummer), and Austen Frias (bassist) has begun to take the town by storm.

After releasing their self-titled EP and constantly connecting and listening to what their fans (which reach all the way to Japan and Brazil [shoutlondonmusic]) had to say, the band released their debut album titled “Rememories”.

The new album “Rememories” connects with the audience in a personal level; where the listener feels like the album was made specifically for them. With the instruments not allowing themselves to become overshadowed by the voice, the listener is able to form clearer images around the words being sung. By allowing the listener to interpret the messages and indirect advice given within the meaningful lyrics in their own way and allowing the album to contain a good variety of songs that range from dancing alone in your room to simply thinking about life while laying in bed, it is no surprise that Shout London has found a way to stand out amongst other bands.

Rememories” contains a unique style that allows the listener (no matter what genre they are into) to appreciate what is being played simply because you’re allowed to make connections with what is being said to your own life. This is definitely an album any music lover would want to have on repeat!

Check out the official music video for “Until it Comes Back”, learn more about Shout London, and make sure to download “Rememories” by going to the links provided below!


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