“I Love Lucy” Live on Stage!

“Lucy, I’m home!” can once again be heard live and in color during the staged performance of “I Love Lucy” Live on Stage.

This afternoon, Segerstrom Center for the Arts welcomed the cast for their final matinee performance of “I Love Lucy” which starred Sirena Irwin (Lucy Ricardo), Bill Mendieta (Ricky Ricardo), Kevin Remlington ( Fred Mertz), and Joanna Daniels (Ethel Mertz).

This performance was unlike any other in the aspect where the audience played the role of the lucky audience members who got the chance to watch the “live-taping” of the episodes “The Benefit” and “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined“. Instead of sitting quietly and watching the performance in front of them, the audience was encouraged to applaud once the glowing applaud sign above the stage flashed red, communicate with the actors (who portrayed as guests before the show started), and even compete on stage for an “I Love Lucy” biggest fan contest/quiz in order to win a prize.

By adding their own twists and personalities into the characters; all of the actors brought their quirky characters to life in their own way while maintaining the lovable personalities an “I Love Lucy” fan has grown to admire.

No matter how big or small the character’s actions were, they were sure to be noticed and cause the audience to burst out into laughter. From the high pitched singing during “The Benefit” to the hilariously nearly-blinded dance routine in “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined”, each actor stood out amongst the rest.

With no intermission in between acts, the set had become a character of its own. One with its own personality, movements, sense of flawlessness, and role. With moving curtains, black TV cameras propped on each side of the stage, a cheesy looking made for early TV props, and lights that went pitch black after a scene to signal for a commercial break; the stage became a crucial part of the viewer experience. Not only did the set feel more at home which allowed the production to become familiar and comfortable but it allowed the viewer to imagine they were actually attending a real television production of “I Love Lucy

To experience the performance of “I Love Lucy”: Live on Stage for yourself, click here to find a show near you!


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