Captain America: The Winter Soldier ((SPOILER FREE))

Source: recommandedmovies

Source: recommandedmovies

The First Avenger is back and this time he is taking the audience on his road for freedom, friendship, and love with him.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave me a lot more than I bargained for. Although I was expecting the film to be good along with being able to enjoy watching both Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan take the big screen once again. The film had managed to blow me away.

Not only did the film add comic relief at the perfect moment but there was never a scene where I found myself looking away from the action. My eyes were glued to every movement, perfectly performed fight choreography, and acting.

The actor who caught my attention the most was Sebastian Stan. Although he did not say much during the first half of the film, he did not necessarily have to. His facial expressions did all the talking. His eyes radiating confusion, sadness, and even hardship was enough for me to become sympathetic towards the silent character. Every movement, glance, and occasional word spoken caused me to become entranced and wanting more from him. There was no need for words because his one look at the Winter Soldier and the viewer just knew what he was thinking and feeling.

Due to the brilliant film editing, I no longer felt like a viewer in sitting in a theater. I became an innocent bystander watching the Winter Soldier fight off Captain America. The viewer became a first hand witness to all of the incidents that had happened within the movie. The romance, the friendships being built, the sadness, everything that had happened, the viewer was there.

My friends and I found ourselves occasionally gripping onto the edges of our seats or even finding our own hands squeezing onto the others during the fight scenes. The full theater simultaneously gasped, awed, and ‘no’d’ making the viewing more personal and at home. We were all fighting for justice with Steve Rogers himself.

Although there were scenes that I wish would have had more screen time, the overall movie did a fantastic job at not only keeping my attention but also portraying relationships between the characters and allowing the audience to escape the real world for the remaining two hours.

Rating: 10/10

Note: There are two clips after both of the end credits roll.


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