5 Seconds of Summer on Jimmy Kimmel Live || Review

Excited fans, an intense Los Angeles summer heat, and magnificent music results in an amazing show with 5 Seconds of Summer.

Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings take over Jimmy Kimmel Live's instagram to take a backstage selfie. Credit: JimmyKimmellive

Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings take over Jimmy Kimmel Live’s instagram to take a backstage selfie. Credit: JimmyKimmelliv

The members of 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, yesterday, July 24, 2014 and I had the opportunity to be a part of the event (after surprisingly winning two tickets thanks to 1iota).

After receiving our wristbands and getting through security, the crowd was moved into a holding area where the 1iota crew handed out water bottles and made sure everyone was safe. Soon enough 5 Seconds of Summer began their sound check which aroused excitement in the air. “Ashton” chants and sing-alongs began to drown out the personal conversations. About two hours later, we received the notice that we are about to go in and get ready for the performance.

The 1iota crew did a marvelous job at making sure to keep everyone safe and have the process go as smoothly as possible by having fans use the buddy system, walk instead of run, and pass out enough water bottles to keep people hydrated.

As fans began to pile around the stage while trying to gain the best view of both the band and the stage all while maintaining their position in the crowd caused the pit to become claustrophobic and intense.

“The pit was horrid! Especially for short people! You couldn’t see anything! You couldn’t breathe and if you tried, you had to tilt your head up and breath or else you’d be breathing into people’s backs!” said Jacqueline Osegueda.

Sweaty bodies were squeezed close onto one another, the majority of attendees on their toes trying to look over the sea of people in front of them while tilting their heads from one side to another and occasionally stepping on toes or accidentally jabbing someone with their elbow.

After watching Jimmy Kimmel and his guests on the prompter, it was showtime.

Once Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood entered the stage from the left hand side; the crowd began to go wild. Like a wave crashing to shore, bodies pushed forward and cell phone cameras were prompted onto the air in order to have this memory last forever and share with the people who could not be there.

5SOS seemed in the zone and not at all nervous as they performed Amnesia, She Looks So Perfect, Beside You, Disconnected, a short cover of Sweet Home Alabama, and finally What I like About You.

Each member seemed comfortable on the stage while they sang their hearts out to the crowd (and cameras) who were more than willing to listen and sing along.

Clifford, Hemmings, and Hood connected to both the fans and each other almost naturally as they zipped around the stage, teased one another, walked the runway in front of them, did their signature synchronized jump during She Looks So Perfect, and spoke and joked with the crowd as much as possible.

Patricia Cortez says she thinks they (5SOS) put on a good show and “they were considerate about the fans and really made an effort to put on a performance where everyone would be happy and have a good time.” She continues by saying that their energy was great and they seem to be passionate about what they are doing.

5SOS seemed to have been enjoying themselves just as much as the fans. They repeatedly mentioned how they were sad their set list was almost over but knowing that their time with the fans was almost up did not seem to get in the way of their performance.

Even with the 3,000 people in attendance and those watching at home, the concert felt personal and unique because everyone was there for the music and to support the up and coming band. Both the crowd and the band fed off of each others energy which resulted in an amazing and unforgettable show.

Download the 5 Seconds of Summer debut album here.

Learn more about 5SOS below!


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