Maroon 5 Release “Sugar” Music Video

Maroon 5 released their music video for “Sugar” on Wednesday, Jan. 14 and let’s just say that here are a group of guys we would not mind crashing our weddings!

“Dec. 6, 2014, we’re gonna drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can and it’s gonna be awesome,” says a tuxedo-clad Adam Levine before jumping into a black top down car to crash various weddings.

After being ushered to a specific area on stage, shock and excitement washed over the grooms, brides, and guests as they watched the white curtain in front of them descend downward to reveal the band.

Levin told Access Hollywood, “David Dobkin, who is an awesome director and a really dear, dear friend, decided to revisit the concept of obviously the original ‘Wedding Crashers,’ the only difference being we actually crashed weddings this time! [We] literally showed up and played songs for these guys. They were surprised.”

“Sugar” is the 5th track on Maroon 5’s “V” album.

Download “V” here.


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