In Celebration of One Direction’s OTRA Tour; Here Are Some of My Favorite Moments of the WWA Tour


With One Direction‘s fourth headlining tour “On the Road Again” kicking off in approximately three weeks, I have decided to come up with my top seven favorite moments of last years “Where We Are Tour.”

There is a sense of magic and excitement that fills the air within the vicinity where Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are performing. It does not seem to matter where you are from or who you are because everyone within the arena are there for a mutual reason: One Direction.

Imagine this: You are sitting down in your somewhat uncomfortable plastic seat or metal bench talking to your friends for a bit after you have just finished dancing to La Macarena, the music has become somewhat repetitive by this point so you are not exactly singing along anymore and suddenly, the lights dim away. You begin to feel a pull on your chest as your heart skips a beat, your breath hitches as you and the copious amounts of fans around you raise their heads to avert their attention towards the stage. “Is it time or is it just another little teaser to get us hyped up?” you think to yourself for a moment; that is until the screens begin to flicker different colored images and videos of the boys while music plays through the speakers. As the introduction video ends; there they are walking down from the center of the stage going straight into song.

It is no surprise that One Direction sells out millions of shows. Not only are they adored by millions of fans but the boys make every show unique in it’s own way almost as if it were personalized just for you. Although the set list is the same, no two shows are. As the minuets turn into hours, the arena soon becomes its own isolated bubble far from distraction and outside problems. You listen to the boys sing your favorite songs, watch them hip thrust and do crotch grabs almost every five minuets, and if you are lucky (and close enough) maybe you will get some on stage selfies of the boys if you throw your phone towards the stage.

So let’s look back at some great moments of the Where We Are Tour!

  1. The Opening Credits:

Not only was the music that accompanied the opening credits so up beat that it would leave you hyped up for days after the show was over, multiple screens flashed images of the boys in various parts of the world. Each band member trying to find their way to their destination. Once the montage ended, everything went black for a couple of seconds and then One Direction appeared right in front of the audience and before you could process what just happened, you hear Harry sing “straight off the plane to a new hotel..”


2. The proposal:

On Oct. 1, 2014 during the Atlanta, GA show, Harry Styles, 20, helped 28-year-old singer-songwriter, Bradley Chisenhall propose to his girlfriend. Chisenhall took to Twitter and asked fans to help spread the word:

This led to the hashtag #1DProposal to start trending which soon caught the attention of both Harry’s mother Anne Twist and Styles himself:

Watch the proposal below!

3. The Fireworks

You know how people say that they “felt fireworks” when they had that special first kiss with someone? Well that is how the firework show felt like during the concert. Payne, 21, told Capital FM’s Kevin Hughes that they had “Coldplay and Rudimental’s pyro guy [… ] so we’re gonna have some amazing fireworks. It’s gonna be like bonfire night all over again.” The crew did a wonderful job at timing the fireworks. They blended in well with the mood, lighting, setting, and songs.

One Direction literally ended every show with a bang that left fans screaming for another two minuets or so.

#onedirection #WWARosebowl

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4. Zayn Malik’s high notes:

Does this really need an explanation? His high notes are both impressive and breathtaking. All you can do is awe at Malik’s amazing vocal ability and simply take in the moment.

5. Liam Payne’s birthday:

Payne celebrated his 21st birthday on Aug. 29 in Chicago, IL at Soldier Field with 104,617 people in attendance (including his parents Geoff and Karen Payne). The crowd sang him happy birthday and it is safe to say that Payne got a bit emotional.

6. Niall Horan’s birthday.

Niall Horan celebrated his 21st birthday on Sept. 13 in Pasadena, CA at the Rosebowl with 165,170 people in attendance (myself included).  It seemed as though everyone within the stadium were in a celebratory mood. Fans were seen wearing green and held up printed out signs that read “Wey Hey Happy Birthday” to celebrate the occasion.


Not only that but Horan sported three balloons during the band’s performance of Midnight Memories.

7. Harry Styles ripping his shirt open at the end of Best Song Ever

tomlinfox || Tumblr

tomlinfox || Tumblr









Does this really need an explanation?


Information on tickets and tour dates for One Direction’s On The Road Again tour can be found here.


One thought on “In Celebration of One Direction’s OTRA Tour; Here Are Some of My Favorite Moments of the WWA Tour

  1. andiguurl says:

    This makes me want to watch my One Direction Live in San Siro, Milan. Oh and I totally cant wait to see then at the OTRA tour.

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