‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’s’ David Cruz III Launches a Sweet Valentine’s Day Collection at Sugarfina in South Coast Plaza

Cruz taking a look around the Sugarfina boutique within South Coast Plaza before the party began. Photo Credit: Alexandra Garcia

Cruz taking a look around the Sugarfina boutique at South Coast Plaza before the party began.
Photo Credit: Alexandra Garcia

On Saturday, Jan. 31, I attended a private party at Sugarfina in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. to witness the launch of David Cruz III’s  Valentine’s Day Collection including Cruz’s exclusive gift set. 

Upon asking Cruz about why he had decided to team up with Sugarfina and create a candy-based gift set, he replied with an excited tone, “because it’s almost Valentine’s Day!”

And what better way to celebrate the day dedicated to love by treating yourself or someone you love with a box full of delicious sweets inside! Plus, neither this white box dawned with multicolored hearts on it or Valentine’s Day is exclusive to people who have a significant other. Cruz mentions that love can be received from a friend, sibling, or parent and agreed that we feel love every day by the people around us.

Due to the generational change where everything from shopping to dating has become technologically based, I jumped at the opportunity to ask the “Romance Enthusiast” on online dating advice, more specifically, how to know if we are using the right website to find love. Cruz says that although each website/app is different and each do a great job at allowing you to meet new people, the best kind of websites are the ones that have you answer a questionnaire before you begin your search to find a significant other.

Do not fret, if you are one of those people who say no to online dating, Cruz believes it is still possible to find love outside of the internet.

Knowing that Cruz studied journalism and “wrote for several national publications including The Huffington Post, YourTango.com and Frontiers Magazine Los Angeles” (Bravo), I asked what the most important tip/advice he has for a blogger and aspiring journalist. Cruz replied by saying to “find something special about your blog” and (although difficult) find a way to be different from other blogs with similar themes. To simply try not to conform and become like the others.

After saying our goodbyes and getting a picture taken together, I decided to take a look around the welcoming  store. The white walls were decked out with rows of various candies from champagne bears to Peanut Butter Caramels. Towards the back of the store,  tables were appropriately themed for weddings, Oscar parties, and birthdays. The  invitees were mingling, snapping pictures with one another, drinking from their choice of  white or violet vina sympatica sparkling wine, and enjoying the atmosphere.

Inspired by the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, owners of Sugarfina, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick “taste-tested thousands of candies from dozens of countries” (CBS) and opened the candy boutique in August 2012. The shop has “more than 140 candies and 30 percent of them can not be found anywhere else in the U.S” (Forbes).

Sugarfina has gift boxes that range from $25 – $250 and individual boxes of treats range from $7 – $10. You are also welcome to create your own gift boxes within the shop as well.

More information on Sugarfina: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter || Shop

More information on David Cruz III; Instagram || Finding-Cupid || Twitter


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