Naughty Boy Releases Zayn Malik Solo Demo Titled “I Won’t Mind”

On Monday, music producer Naughty Boy, 30, took to twitter to retweet a video stating “Naughty Boy saved my life. Zaughty will rise.”

The retweet that suggested Naughty Boy had saved Zayn Malik, 22, from the boyband One Direction caused a stir amongst Directioners and led One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson, 23,  to fire back against the producer.

Naughty Boy, who believed Tomlinson was responding to a tweet from awhile back, responded by saying he was talking about X Factor contestant Louis Walsh and included a crying laughing emoji with the hashtag “#2014.”

In order to clear up his statement, Tomlinson responded to the tweet by saying that he was referring to the video Naughty Boy had retweeted and that the producer was simply trying to ” wind the fans up.”

Naughty Boy seemed determined to have the last laugh by releasing a demo of  Malik’s solo single titled “I Won’t Mind” with the caption, “let the music do the talking guys. thank us later. 🙂 x”

The Soundcloud description said, “There is nothing but love for what was left behind. thats why we don’t mind. 😉 #2016 #zaughty #zindabad.”

It has been less than a week since Malik left One Direction due to “stress” and he has been seen going to and leaving  music studios in London after his departure from the boyband.

“Either way, while the sound quality is very demo-y and rough, “I Won’t Mind” provides further evidence of Zayn’s considerable vocal talents—and reinforces claims that the singer was the strongest singer in One Direction.” (DailyBeast)

Although the “I Won’t Mind” does not sound complete, the demo has been receiving praise from Billboard, Daily Beast, and Vanity Fair.

One Direction announced they will continue their tour and a new album as a quartet.

According to Billboard, the “#2016 hashtag hints at the big plans Malik and Naughty Boy apparently have for next year.”



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