Writerswaste revolves around the everyday celebrity. What can be found on this blog ranges from celebrity news to musical, concert, and film reviews.

Everything from events to tour dates will be posted here.

I typically post every Sunday of the week.


My name is Alexandra (Lexi) Garcia and I am currently a student at California State University, Fullerton. I am a Communications major with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism and I currently have an AA degree in Communication and Mass Studies and another AA degree in Humanities and Languages. I tend to spend most of my days searching the web for celebrity news and at Disneyland.

My passion for celebrities started at a young age. I remember looking forward to award show season because it meant seeing celebrities walk down the red carpet and witness the excitement that went along with their nominations. While at home, I celebrated with the artists as I watch their careers grow in front of my eyes.

PicMonkey Collage

When I got to high school, I started acting in my high school’s theater. My participation in theater allowed my passion for acting to blossom and helped me understand the work that happens both on and off stage. I spent four years getting to know the stage and understanding what celebrities feel when they stand in front of a crowd or camera in order to perform.

It was not until I got into college that I actually knew I wanted to study communications. I figured that I had a small chance at succeeding a life as an actress but I did not really want to leave the spotlight. That is when the thought came to mind, “If I can’t be walking the red carpet, then I want to be the person who stands by them and interviews them.”

Within the past three years, I have started a Blogger (which later transformed to Writers Waste), took news writing classes where I learned the formal way of writing, interviewing, and writing features, I had the opportunity to work for a Santa Ana local music website called Off the Chain Press where I was able to put my skills to work and write about music itself. My mentors at Off the Chain Press taught me how to effectively work with celebrities, request press passes, and not fan-girl over the person I am meeting that day.


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